Bring Your Team (BYT) League

Promoting Community Through Basketball

From Lake Forest to Lake Arrowhead, teams from across Southern California join BYT to play basketball in excellent facilities with knowledgeable and approachable referees and staff. The majority of our coaches are parent volunteers whose hearts and minds are geared toward player development and building character, not W’s and L’s. Whether your team is made up of a group of friends from the neighborhood, a local recreation level team, or an established club team, BYT accommodates your skill and experience level with three pools- Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
Group shot of basketball teams
BYT strives to provide a positive club basketball experience for teams of all levels without the drawbacks sometimes associated with club basketball. Enjoy light local travel to compete against teams from across Southern California in a family friendly atmosphere.

If your team is looking for a community of individuals who believe that basketball can help young people learn larger lessons in life -- how to be a good teammate and citizen, how to deal with physical and mental adversity, and how to build self-confidence in a challenging world -- then NJB's BYT league is the right fit for you.


December 1-2
December 8-9
December 15-16
January 5-6
January 12-13
January 19-20
January 26-27
February 2-3
February 9-10

Some local travel required


$1050 for independent (non-chapter) teams


Chapter teams
Players register thru local chapters.
Player fees vary by chapter.
Coaches register your team here.


Division 1- Grades 7-8
Division 2- Grades 5-6
Division 3- Grades 3-4
Division 4- Grade 2


  • 8 game season
  • 2-3 tournament games
  • Certified referees
  • Inter-chapter play
  • Online schedules/scores

If your team needs uniforms, please contact Dave Tibbetts:

2018 BYT Playing Rules

Mercy Rule
  If a team has a 20 point lead during the 2nd half, the mercy rule will go into effect.  The scorekeepers will notify referees of the 20 point lead.  The leading team will not be allowed to employ a full-court press but may defend at half-court.  The clock will become a running clock, except for time-outs, until the point difference is 10 points or less.  The clock will become a regular clock if the point difference reaches 10 points or less.